It's agreed, I'm not Dana White and I'm certainly not Joe Silva. What I am is passionate. What I can do is tell you what the fans want and what the fans deserve.


Heavyweights - Brock is the champ, lets see him fight Shane. At the same time we want to see Cain fight Dos Santos. Winners to meet after both fights occur.

Light Heavyweights - UFC 113 Machida vs. Shogun 2 - UFC 114 Rampage vs. Evans. Winner to meet after both fights occur.

Middleweights - Who doesn't want to see Anderson fight Chael? After that the winner of Cote vs. Belcher should get a shot at Vitor Belfort, then victors to meet.

Welterweights - GSP to fight the winner of Koscheck vs. Daley. The fight to follow will be the winner of that to take on victor of Alves vs. Fitch

Lightweights - REMATCH (Edgar vs. Penn) and Florian to fight Maynard. Victors to meet.