Brad Pickett vs. Demetrious Johnson


Round 1 - Pickett paws a jab, Johnson kicks low. A picket jab wobbles Johnson, but he recovers and backs away. Johnson lands a left high kick. Pickett moves forward, unfazed. Johnson kicks low. Johnson moving well, circling. Johnson lands an overhand right. Pickett catches a low kick and trips Johnson then narrowly misses a massive right. Pickett catches another kick but can't capitalize. Johnson quickly away, and he jabs and knees. Johnson kicks low again. Pickett definitely has the power advantage, Pickett takes a double and slams Johnson down. Johnson has half-guard. He gains full, though his head is against the cage. Picket stands and catches Johnson with a punch when he does the same. Pickett with another takedown, and he just misses on a flying punch guard pass. Johnson holds half-guard with two minutes left. Pickett pushes out to side, but Johnson quickly back to guard. Pickett tries to stand and pass, but Johnson keeps him centered. Johnson against the cage. Johnson kicks off and stands, and he lands a knee. Pickett sand in the picket and delivers a left. Great sequence. Pickett with another takedown. Johnson lands a flying knee, but Pickett just slams him to the floor. Pickett on the side and works into a crucifix. The two stand with seconds left, and Johnson delivers a flurry. 


Round 2 - Pickett kicks low to start. Johnson answers, but Pickett again catches it and throws him off balance. Pickett holding the center as Johnson dances around. Johnson with a series of low kicks. Pickett jabs. Johnson still moving very well. Pickett misses a flying knee. Pickett ducks under a hook. Johnson still working his hands, but Pickett ducks underneath and slams him to the floor. Pickett in side control two minutes in. Johnson spins and stands. Johnson delivers a high kick, then two to the body. Johnson grabs a Thai clinch, but Pickett ducks and throw him to the floor again. Pickett too strong for Johnson in tight, though his speed is effective on the feet. Pickett in half-mount. Johnson rolls to full guard. Pickett not finding much room to strike on top. Johnson turns and stands. Pickett stays on his bak and drags him down again, though Johnson is active an gets immediately back up. Johnson still looks fresh as he delivers a high kick and just misses a right. Pickett ducks under, grab Johnson and slams to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Pickett moves to mount and starts to deliver big blows, but the horn sounds. Another good round, but the final action secures it for Pickett, 10-9. 


Round 3 - High five to open the final round of the solid fight. Johnson shoots in and drags Pickett to the floor in a stunning turn of strategy. Pickett stands, though Johnson delivers a few knees as he keeps control of the head. Action stays in the clinch, and Pickett eventually drops and takes Johnson down. Johnson in guard, and Pickett stays tight while delivering a few lefts to the body. Johnson tries to shrimp out, and he works to his feet. Pickett stays on the back. Johnson pulls away and fires his hands. Pickett answers. Johnson shoots again and drags Pickett to the floor. Halfway through the round. Elbow from the top from Johnson, but when he looks to pass, he lets Pickett stand. After a deft little forward roll on the feet, Pickett grabs a double-leg takedown. Johnson on the floor, and Pickett passes to mount. Pickett looks comfortable in his base, and he certainly holds the power edge. Johnson keeps his opponent tight and works back to half-guard. Less than a minute. Johnson tries to sweep, and he uses the momentum to stand. Pickett stays tight in the clinch and delivers a knee. Scramble to the floor, and Pickett looks for an arm. Johnson pulls out and time expires.

Brad Pickett def. Demetrious Johnson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).