Jose Aldo vs. Urijah Faber

Cue "California Love" Fans erupt and if Aldo didn't know it, he does now; Welcome to Arco Arena. Hometown hero Urijah Faber walks down the isle and the Arco Arena has never been lounder.

Cue "Run this town tonight" Clearly a message to Faber, this is no mistake. The fans do not take this lightly and boo the champ. He thrives on this! Besides if they wanna say anything mean to him, he cant understand them anyway. LOL



Round 1 - Aldo starts out like Anderson Silva, feeling out Faber. Faber shows early aggression but Aldo tames it with leg kicks. Faber switches stances, again, and again trying to mix things up and stay unpredictable but Aldo (as expected) is very patient. Urijah can not close the distance, Aldo's footwork is text book. 30 seconds left in the round and Aldo lands a huge knee to the body but is it enough to win the round. Action forced but Faber, however; Majority of clean shots landed by Aldo. Things are just starting to heat up.

Round 2 - Aldo again opens with legs kicks, this is a five round fight and stamina will play a part in the championship rounds. Faber still can not figure out his range and Aldo who attacks less is clearly landing more clean punches. One minute left in the second round and its time for Faber to abandon his game plan. Tonight we have a chess match. Neither fighter take down yet. Horn blows, Faber limps back to his corner. Will Aldo smell blood?

Round 3 - 45 seconds into the round we see our fist take down attempt, Faber gets stuffed by the Champ and in the process takes more damage on his legs. Aldo is now pouring it on, measured strikes, attacking with discipline, no unnecessary risks! 2 minutes left Aldo lands a huge combination (punches and kicks) and the heart of Faber keeps him in the fight. Aldo is just flat out on tonight, perfect timing and placement of his stirkes. 10 seconds left Faber goes down and Aldo pounces, saved by the bell. One sided so far. Accuracy has Aldo outclassing the California Kid. Faber gets carried back to the corner.

Round 4 - What can Faber do differently, what should he do differently? I have no answer and neither does he. Aldo continues to use his kicks and Faber's knee buckles. Aldo takes back mount, and that's a positive for Faber, NO LEG KICKS. Faber spins, gets up and Sacramento cheers on the hometown fighter. Aldo lands another kick and Faber goes down, Aldo mounts. Aldo gets himself a mounted crucifix and Urijah just wont quit. Aldo slams elbow after elbow while Faber does in fact "intelligently defend himself." 30 second left and Faber can not buck Aldo, 10 seconds left, Faber holds on. We will have a 5th.

Round 5 - Do you believe in miracles? Urijah again is the aggressor. We have a cat and mouse game as Faber is on the mat and Aldo cant decide if he's going to let him up or not. 2:15 left and it looks like Aldo is going to ride this out for the decision. Smart, why take a chance? One minute left and Goldberg asks Rogan " Aldo just that good?" Rogan responds in the affirmative.  Fans boo for the final 10 seconds and both fighters meet in the middle after the horn blows, for a mutual respect hug. IT'S OVER.

Who's Next? Manny Gamburyan?

Judges (49-45, 49-45, 50-45) Winner and still Featherweight Champion, Jose Aldo.