REMATCH FROM FIGHT - June 2009, Split Decision

Scott Jorgensen vs. Antonio Banuelos

Round 1 - Maybe we should call this Round 4. Battle for early control, a lot of circling both right and left. Jorgensen is the early hunter, showing more aggression and controlling the center of the octagon. Banuelos is constant energy, landing his counter left over and over again. It drops Jorgensen who pulls guard and both fighters get back to their feet. Round 1 ends with a slight advantage to Antonio.

Round 2 - Jorgensen pressures and pressures, moving forward with a lot of body kicks. Banuelos is getting bloody as Scott's jab has found its range. 3 minutes left in the round and Banuelos is now using his mouth for air, broken nose? Scott stills owns the center of the octagon and his jab still continues to be a problem for Antonio. Fatigue is setting it as Banuelos gets caught looking up at the clock by Jorgensen. Final minute Jorgensen applies the ground and pound, 30 seconds left and Banuelos is raining blood, who somehow gets to his feet and swings for the fences, miss! Jorgensen clearly takes this round.

Round 3 - "Third and final round." Kicks, Jabs; Jorgensen is really taking command of this round AND this fight. 1:40 left Scott sinks a rear naked, its deep but Banuelos escapes. Scott still has his back, landing blow after blow. Somehow Scott sinks another choke and Antonio swings from his back, he holds on and the round ends. Again, Jorgensen; no doubt.

Jorgensen 29 - 28 (All 3 judges get it right)


This kid keeps getting better! Remember his Chad George fight?