Round 1 - Referee Jon Schorle in the cage, and the crowd is firmly behind Mendes. Quick touch of gloves starts. Mendes in the center and misses with a jab. Mendes kicks low. Morrison returns fire. Morrison circles, looking to use range, Mendes throws a few punches and powers in for a takedown. Morrison defends well, lands a few punches and pushes away. Morrison lands a jab. Another jab pops Mendes' head back. Mendes shoots in. Morrison defends, but a second effort pushes "Cheesesteak" to the floor. Mendes and top, and he slides around and sinks in a guillotine choke and pulls guard. Morrison signals immediately that he's fine, but Mendes isn't letting go. Menes torques patiently, and Morrison relents with a tap. Chad Mendes def. Anthony Morrison via submission (guillotine choke) - Round 1, 2:13.