Show Starts with a Dos Santos training camp. It looks absolutely brutal.  Keon is lagging behind.  He is whining about missing his family because the training session is too hard for him.  Brock is using his training session to teach not to condition.  In Dos Santos's next training session, Shamar is looking for an excuse to quit and tells Junior that he wants to go home.  Junior tries his best to talk him out of it, and then Dana shows up to talk with Keon.  Dana talks him into staying for good. 

In the fight announcement Dos Santos chooses Javier to fight Chris.  Brock immediatly isn't thrilled with the matchup, and Dos Santos's team is very confident.  Keon quits again after another hard training session and Junior, obviously frustrated, tells him if that is what he wants then go.  Dana says the only good thing about Keon quitting is the chance to get someone real into the house.  Javier looks great in his training session, while Cope looks absolutly terrible, constantly being corrected.  Brock is hoping that Chris is able to show the team something because he hasn't been impressed.  Brock gives the team a pep talk saying "any given sunday" any fighter can win any fight on any day.  The night before the fight Chris is still practicing instead of resting up for the fight. 

Round 1:  Javier quickly pushed up against the cage.  After some clinch fighting Cope is able to escape and then gets Javier to the cage.  Javier quickly swiches and gets a take down.  Chris gets up fast but is pushed right back into the cage.  Cope is finally abble to control Jarvier against the cage for a few but is switched again.  Most of the round is spent pressed up against the cage and Javier spent most of the time pressing.  I score the round 10-9 Javier in a round that was a lot closer than i was expecting. 

Round 2: Chris lands a quick punch then runs Javier straight to the cage where he is spun. They quickly break and Chris thows some strikes and looks good doing it.  The fight quickly works up to the cage again.  After an even striking exchange Javier pushes back to the cage and they quickly break.  After some striking fight goes back to the cage where the round ends. I scored it 10-9 Cope and the judges agree.  We're going to a 3rd round.

Round 3: Chris looks pumped and Javier looks tired.  They traded kicks.  Javier lands a superman and the fight devolves back to the cage.  Javier goes for a trip and misses and it looks like Chris gets on top for a second before Javier can get up.  Javier fakes a nut shot to get a breather and Chris swings and presses to the cage once the fight resumes.  Javier is landing with the superman punch but Chris has nice leg kicks.  Fight goes to the cage with Chris controlling.  They break.  No striking and Javier charges to the cage and is quickly reversed by Chris.  The round ends with Javier pressing Chris against the cage.  Javier gassed bad and Chris looked good.  I like Chris in this round 10-9, and Chris takes the fight that NO ONE expected him to win.  Brock says. "chicken salad out of chicken shit", and "any given sunday".  In the team Dos Santos locker room cheering can be heard and the coach gives gives a pep talk saying that nothing should piss team Dos Santos off more.