Ultimate Fighting Championship 99 - The Comeback
"This is a new time in my life. I’m hungry. I need this win and I have got to win. I will try from the first to the last minute. This fight is very important for me. I don’t have just to give a show, have to win. I fight nobody for money, I fight because I like it. I like to shake the public and I will do it in Australia. I will make them all crazy. I watched his (Michael Bisping) fights and he is a great fighter. I’m studying his game and preparing especially for him. I won’t face an easy opponent. I’m training so much now and he’s a tough guy. I respect all adversaries. All the fights are hard for me. I like to fight on my feet. I’m not afraid of punches or cuts. I’m afraid of nothing. I want to give the fans a big knockout. I don’t believe this guy has the strength to knock me out. I feel it." Wanderlei Silva