"Nobody kicks as hard as I do. Nobody kicks with the malicious intent that I do and he hasn’t gone against anybody whose Thai clinch is as good as mine."

"I’m back to wanting to hurt people again. I want my opponents to know what fighting me is all about. When you get in the Octagon with me, you’re going to remember it and you aren’t going to want to do it again."

"I’m going to be ruthless and I’m not going to be overcautious any more."

"I still feel that I won that fight [vs. Randy Couture]. I just take that with me and use it everyday in training. I got to beat my legend – my hero; I don't think there's anybody else who can beat me now."

"I'm back on my jiu-jitsu game, along with my Muay Thai game, and I'm not concentrating so much on defending the takedown anymore. You just might see a submission if Jones takes me down."

... "If he [Jon Jones] believes what people are saying about him – that he’s the second coming of Jesus Christ, then he’s going to have a long way to fall back down to earth when I knock him out. We’ll see if he’s ready for ‘The Truth.’"