Congratulations to Sugar Jha. Among over 100 entries has selected him to give you guys the breakdown on this Saturdays Strikeforce event. Here is what he has to say......

Strikeforce: Nashville Main Card Predictions


Gilbert Melendez (c) VS. Shinya Aoki

First of all, this is a huge fight for both of these fighters. A win for Aoki can solidify the fact that he may be one of the best pound for pound lightweights. Aoki already holds the DREAM lightweight title, and if he defeats Melendez will also hold the Strikeforce lightweight title. However, if anybody out there has watched Aoki fight, its apparent that he can not take a punch very well. In DREAM, he was knocked out by Hayato Sakurai and Joachim Hansen. On the other hand his opponent, Gilbert Melendez, has never been knocked out (or TKO'd) in his 17-2 MMA career. Although Gilbert has a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu, and trains with Cesar Gracie and the Diaz brothers, I have to give the ground advantage to Aoki, that dude is an animal on the ground. In contrast, if Melendez can find a way to avoid Aoki's take downs, and stay off the ground, Aoki will get knocked out very quickly. 

Gilbert Melendez- Win via TKO in the first round. 

Gegard Mousasi (c) VS. Muhammed Lawal 

Haha. To say the very least this fight is going to be funny to watch. I honestly don't think "King Mo" has the right to even fight Mousasi. The guy is 6-0 and hasn't fought anybody THAT good. He says, "Mousasi is beatable." Yeah, I agree he is beatable, but not by "King Mo." Gegard Mousasi is one of the top ranked light heavyweights in the world. Personally, I don't think Lawal has any more right to fight Mousasi then Sokoudju did. Lawal should just stick to trash talking other fighters in different weight classes (Josh Koscheck). Cover Up "King Mo." Remeber, you can always tapout from getting punched. 

Gegard Mousasi- Win via TKO in the second round

Jake Shields (c) VS. Dan Henderson

This makes for a VERY interesting fight. I am curious how Jake Shields plans to take down an Olympic caliber wrestler like Dan Henderson and use his "American Jiu-Jitsu" to submit him. Does anyone remember the Paul Daley VS Jake Shields in which Shields was literally afraid to stand with Daley? This fight is like that except Henderson hits harder than Daley and has 100 times better wrestling. It looks like Jake Shields' 13 fight win streak will be coming to an end on Saturday night. Dan Henderson for knockout of the year two years in a row? Let's see if your stand up has gotten any better Shields and say hello to the new Strikeforce middleweight champion. 

Dan Henderson- Win via KO in second round