New York Scenics

We should not minimize the economic impact of MMA matches, especially on the cities that host these events. At a 2007 MMA match in Columbus, Ohio, some 40 percent of attendees came from outside of the state. That means busy hotels, restaurants and downtowns.

A 2008 study conducted by HR&A Advisors estimated that a single MMA competition in upstate New York would inject $5.2 million into the local economy; an event downstate would lead to more than twice as much economic activity. Not only would MMA create much needed tax revenue, but it would also lead to creation and retention of dozens, if not hundreds, of service jobs.

Based on our experience regulating professional boxing in New York and on conversations with top regulators from more than a dozen other states that regulate MMA, I believe this sport, when properly regulated, will provide New Yorkers with financial and sports entertainment value while maintaining high standards regarding the safety and health of participants.