WEC's Alex Karalexis wants to give a message to Anthony Pettis.

We here at TapoutPassout.com don't buy it. Below is what the 32 year veteran had to say recently in an interview with mmajunkie.


"I love how everybody is like, 'Oh, the fighters are so respectful,'" Karalexis told www.mmajunkie.com. "I hear that, but to do what we do, everybody's got an issue. Whether you've got a girlfriend issue, a mommy issue, a daddy issue, something makes you get inside of there and fight in a cage." 


"Fighting for me is more of who I am than what I do," Karalexis said. "My thing is, I didn't grow up in a dojo getting a black belt, blue belt, brown belt. I don't even have a belt. I never grew up in that whole respect kind of thing. 


"I've done a lot of thinking, and I'll probably get in trouble for saying this, but to me, I was most successful when I had hate in my heart, and I let it out," Karalexis said. "I don't care about just winning. It's cagefighting. It's not pretty, and it's not about competition for me. 

"I don't care about competition. If I want competition, I'll go back to playing soccer or something. I'll do wrestling tournaments. This is not competition for me. For me, it's about being the baddest mother[expletive] around. I want to beat your ass."


"Anderson Silva's past few fights – and I joke around, but I'm also serious – if I ever fought like that, my family would be in my dressing room like, 'Change your name; that's an embarrassment,'" Karalexis said. "'That's not who you are. That's not who we are. That's not how Boston is.'

"I take that with me. I'm kind of like the blue-collar guy. I can't do that. I understand it might be better for your career, but I can't live like that. I could not wake up in the morning and brush my teeth and not spit in the mirror if I fought like that."

"I have a couple of goals every time I fight," Karalexis said. "No. 1, I want people walking out of there going, 'I would not want to meet that guy in an alley,' and No. 2, I want my opponents' friends and family afterward to sit around them in the dressing room or the next day and be like, 'You know what? I think maybe it's time you find something else to do.' 

"Winning decisions is not enough. I want to dominate. I want to beat people up. I'm going to be the guy that's pounding on your face until the referee tackles me to get you off, and it's not for any other reason then that's how I'm most successful. The more I try to change, the more I get myself in trouble. 

"I'm going back to my old, '[Expletive] you, let's fight' mentality."

Karalexis is a veteran of the original Ultimate Fighter reality show. This Boston native is ready to get back to his roots on WEC's Aldo vs. Faber fight card.