TO- Can the fans expect to see your trademark entrance @ WEC 48? For those who don't about it, can you explain it?

BP- “Of course, I will always be doing it. It's me wearing a trilby hat, denim shorts, vest and braces; I come out to “Wallop” by chas & dave.”


TO- Peruvian Necktie @ WEC 45 earns you submission of the night. How is the fight going to end @ WEC 48?

BP- “With a W........ I'd love to come away with a KO , I think I'm dew for one.”


TO- You beat Demetrious Johnson and now Sean Shelby is on the phone. He's asking, who do you want to fight next?

BP- “Anyone that's top ten in the world, so I can keep moving in the right direction. I don't mind how I fight. In the WEC there are no easy fights.”


TO- Who's in your corner @ WEC 48?

BP- “Well, I normally have Mike Brown in my corner and Mickey Papas; BUT Mike is fighting that night so I'll just get someone else, there are loads of guys that are willing to help.”


TO- Training for the fight. The UK or Coconut Creek, Florida? Who are some of your training partners?

BP- “For this fight it's- Mike Brown, Rafael Rebello, Gleison Tibau, Micah Miller, and many many more; I could go on all day with the world class guys at ATT.”


TO- What can the fans expect to see out of you during the fight?

BP- “Like always, I will be putting it all on the line.... Like I always do.”


TO- Who do you regard to be the best pound for pound fighter in the world?

BP- “For me it has to be GSP. He is a great fighter and a great guy. Anderson Silva is up there with him, great guy too.”


TO- Aldo or Faber?

BP- “For me, there is only one winner...... THE FANS!


TO- What about Johnson has your worried? How do you beat him?

BP- “I've been fighting to long to get worried about fights now. He (Johnson) is in the WEC so he win be well rounded. Making his debut, there's a lot of hype about him, but we will see on fight night if he is the real deal.”