Georges St. Pierre - "He's unhappy but it was a dominant performance, he wanted to do better, I obviously wanted better ... it is what it is. ... I was never crazy about him going to 185, I still think there's great fights for him at 170."


Shane Carwin - "Everybody wondered if Shane Carwin was the real deal and he proved it tonight. July 3rd in Las Vegas, Carwin vs. Lesnar."

Jon Fitch - "When Fitch doesn't finish, it drives people crazy. But I called him out on it tonight, before we start doing these guys to find out who's going to fight Georges St. Pierre, Fitch and Koscheck are going to have to figure out who is next in line."

[video after the jump] - "I'm not kidding when I say I want to see Koscheck fight Fitch, I'm sick of that sh*t. ... It's over man, this whole we don't want want to fight each other thing is over."