Round 1: Hard but tentative exchanges early on, until Vanier wrestles Imada down and takes side control. Imada pops back up and eats a stiff right from Vanier, then a head kick. Another takedown from Vanier and Imada's shrimping, looking for a sub. Nothing doing. Imada grabs for a heel hook and Vanier escapes to the feet, but he's soon back on top of Imada on the mat, full mount. Imada scrambles back to the feet. Vanier connects with knees from the clinch, then lands an awkward German suplex. Imada clicks Vanier with a hard shot just as the round expires. Vanier 10-9.

Round 2: Vanier ducks a one-two from Imada, but Imada stuffs the ensuing takedown. Vanier capitalizing on his left jab, also working in leg kicks. Imada throwing bombs, connects with a right hook to the body, then a left to the grill. Imada goes from a leglock to a rear-naked choke to an armbar and gets the tap from Vanier. Yowza.

Toby Imada (25-13) def. Carey Vanier (8-3) via submission (armbar) R2