Round 1: Extremely tentative feeling out process to begin the bout, made even more tense by the dead silence here in the Wang. Nice teep kicks to the midsection from Curran. Huerta counters with a head kick. Huerta pressing Curran against the fence with underhooks. Curran breaks free with 20 seconds lOeft and lands another solid kick to the body. Close round, but Curran landed the better offense with his thunderous kicks. 10-9 Curran.

Round 2: Huerta chopping wood with right leg kicks, but landing nothing when he double-pumps his left jab. Another roaring kick from Curran. This man kicks hard for a bulked-up featherweight. Curran shoots and eats some hard punches as he holds on to Huerta's leg. Curran stuffs a takedown attempt from Huerta and they ride out the round against the fence. 10-9 Huerta.

Round 3: Huerta still relying on the leg kicks early in the final round, his most effective weapon in this fight so far. Now "El Matador" pushes Curran to the fence and sends knees to the thigh, which Curran answers with some knees to the midsection. Curran escapes and eats a stiff, cracking leg kick for his trouble. Huerta shoots from way out, Curran stuffs and walks away. Nice body kick from Curran, just misses with a vicious right hook. Huerta takes Curran's back standing and trips him to the mat, but Curran reverses into north-south position. Huerta gets to his feet and they disengage. Curran trips Huerta down against the base of the cage with 50 seconds left. Huerta pops back up. Both men looking beat, but still trading bombs to the final bell. 10-9 Curran.