"I asked Joe Silva to get me someone great for my next fight, and I honestly think that I have to watch my butt with this kid. He is very slick on the floor and he is going to try to finish you when he puts you on the floor. I have to be on my A-game because nobody knows this but he's a very good striker, so he's a dangerous kid and he doesn't quit on everything he does. I took this kid more seriously than I took Josh Neer or Thiago Tavares. When it comes to my game plan, I don't mind telling people. Come in better shape than me. If you want to beat me, then come in better shape than me, because if you don't, I can go 30 minutes with no break as hard as possible. It would be a shame for me to knock him out in the first round, because I want to see how great I can become on March 27. I want to go fifteen minutes because I've never felt so good."