TO- Page out, Jorgenson in; How in any way does this change the way you train?

AB- “Doesn't change much; Still training hard just some small (minor) changes to my game plan.”


TO- WEC 41 you defeat Jorgenson, Reed Harris had it as a candidate for fight of the year. What can the fans expect at WEC 48?

AB- “They can expect another great fight, fast paced with high intensity.”


TO- Do you still keep in touch with Chuck Liddell? What are your comments about all of the drama circling TUF 11?

AB- “Yeah, I still keep in touch with Chuck, he is my best friend. All I can say about the show is that it's going to be a great and people should check it out.”


TO- What is one thing the fans should know about you?

AB- “Road House is one of my favorite movies. RIP Patrick Swayze.”


TO- Who do you think is the most talented fighter in MMA today?

AB- “That's a tough question because I have lots of friends that are fighters. They might get mad at me if I don't mention them.”


TO- Aldo or Faber, who wins?

AB- “Another tough question. It's going to be a great fight and I don't know who's gonna take it but I cant wait to see it.”


TO- What do you think it will take for Sean Shelby to give you a title shot?

AB- “I fight the fights they give me. I'll fight whoever, just keep winning, and hopefully I will get a shot.”


TO- Who are your training partners for this fight?

AB- “My training partners from the pit (up and coming fighters) Little Bulldog, Mike "The One I Like" Gahan, Luke Riddering and Casey "The Underdog" Olson. From SLO kickboxing; Cruz Gomez, Justin Fraiser, and Branden Ducker.


TO- On April 24th who is in your corner?

AB- “Chuck Liddell, John Hackleman "The Pit Master" and Cruz Gomez.”



"Also, I just want to give a special thanks to Jake Shields and good luck to him in his next fight, Howard Davis jr, and Scott Epstein for helping me train for this fight.”